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Javascript No Longer Working.


Its a great starting point for javascript developers.brianm101Nice article - just missing the Common mistake # 0 Using javascript in the first place! The trouble is the larger you grow a languages surface area then the harder it becomes to learn and use correctly, more the chance for errors and undefined behaviour. Thanks for a new idea for a new website. If this recurs regularly, for example, after exiting Firefox or restarting Windows, please see the following article: [[How to fix preferences that won't save]]. Check This Out

Differentiate w.r.t. open chrome and type javascript:alert("hi") into the address bar. But there are cases where this can be as confusing as it is convenient. i'm from germany... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17722481/suddenly-javascript-jquery-stopped-working

Firefox Javascript Not Working 2016

The difference is that in the example as written, leaving off bind would lead to a known error, that window.clearBoard is not a function, while in my rewritten example, this.clearBoard might In JavaScript, though, this is not the case and the variable i remains in scope even after the for loop has completed, retaining its last value after exiting the loop. (This script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.9.1/jquery.min.js"> /script> 607 points Submitted by Naxxos84 over 3 years ago

Remember that JavaScript is a "per browser" setting; if you have it enabled in Chrome, you might also have it disabled in Internet Explorer on the same computer A lot of Turns out among my extensions whose settings were reset was NoScript, which I had previously set to allow all scripts except those marked as untrusted. The delete operator (used to remove properties from objects) cannot be used on non-configurable properties of the object. Javascript Code Not Working In Firefox Please ask a new question if you need help.

TC39 seems to be in agreement on that most of the time. Javascript Issues Firefox mozilla Ask a question Sign In English Search Home Support Forum Firefox Anything using javascript is no longer ... Prevents accidental globals. until the last thing in the sequence and that is whatever is actually returned from the expression.

And even a manual GC doesn’t help. Javascript Suddenly Not Working This is just nice especially when dirty-debugging using console instead of debuggers. Please help me! Before you can sign in with your new Articulate ID, you must verify your email.

  • How about trying to have people in the country who are awake at the time of interviews and calls before pretending to be a real company??????????????????????NorbertNo need for IIFE here, use
  • JavaScript is one of my working languages as is C++ so it's hardly going to be a flame on those languages.
  • Since a lot of the Mozilla website is JavaScript, I'm posting this through Chrome.
  • While I value your opinion, I still feel like blanket flame comments about JavaScript, Ruby, PHP or any other language creates an unnecessary division between what is a subjective decision of
  • There is an increasing number of ways for JavaScript to be used maliciously.
  • I've reset the setting javascript.enabled in about:config to no avail.
  • maybe you should try disabling certain extensions and restart firefox to see if anything is changed.
    I'm not sure though, so I hope you find it useful!
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  • Javascript Issues Firefox

    We've upgraded your E-Learning Heroes account with an Articulate ID. The issue here is more one of performance and efficiency. Firefox Javascript Not Working 2016 I send an email back saying that is insane. Javascript Not Working In Firefox But Working In Chrome Help!

    Just great engineering posts.The #1 Blog for EngineersGet the latest content first.Thank you for subscribing!You can edit your subscription preferences here.0sharesTrending articlesImmutability in JavaScript using Reduxabout 2 hours agoA Guide to his comment is here you're awesome this line saved my life var self = this ;Khaled Monsoorisn't this something that they call "premature optimizations" !?bdiscusThanks, a year later and I can agree with you.Please enable JavaScript based attacks such as Cross Site Scripting and Click Jacking rely on JavaScript and can cause your security to be compromised. There are many, many things that it can be used for. Javascript Not Working In Firefox But Working In Ie

    Thanks everybody :) xoxo

    Thank you Tylerdowner!!! So if you were going to process a big deal of elements you should use a simple cached for loop, if not then forEach would be ok. Just like whoAmI, whoAmI2 is called NOT as a property on an object, so (not in strict mode) it ends up with the "this" keyword meaning the global object (i.e. this contact form PetersonThis is a great recommendation, I reference this guide often when looking up something I can't remember or want to make sure I am correct on.Ryan J.

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    Thanks!Jair HumbertoSeems that any anonymous functions will always be in the global context, not only in setTimeout's like functions.Vladimir VakhromeevTry to use Number.isNaN() instead of just isNaN().

    Support Forum This thread was archived. Kind regards, no flame intendedbrianm101Strangely enough think a lot of the new features actually make JavaScript better (!), go strict and it gets even better. If you were standing here I would give you a giant hug! Jquery Not Working In Firefox You therefore cannot use the equality operators (==, ===, !=, !==) to determine whether a value is NaN or not.

    However, in example 2, the circular reference example, it would be nice to see the fixed version of the code. windows-7 browser javascript share|improve this question edited Oct 17 '10 at 3:01 asked Oct 11 '10 at 5:18 Xinus 200414 marked as duplicate by Tom Wijsman, random♦ Sep 23 '11 at JavaScript has truly become ubiquitous in the world of web app development and is therefore an increasingly important skill to master. navigate here I think the reason it is used online so much is `onclick` is one of the functions that people are first introduced too.

    We re-sent instructions to: If you still don't receive the email, please contact our ace support team. The following objects are assumed to be reachable and are known as “roots”: Objects referenced from anywhere in the current call stack (that is, all local variables and parameters in the Just to keep in mind that first parameter to bind is `this` inside the function body so second parameter to `bind` becomes the first parameter to your function. in Japanese What are the FHS compliant mount points?

    If your javascript is displaying correctly, you will. our convenience reference whoAmI(): obj.whoAmI(); // outputs "MyObj" (as expected) whoAmI(); // outputs "window" (uh-oh!) What went wrong? Signing in... Congratulations; you're one step closer to having a fun and fully featured online experience.

    It states that the reason is that the variable declaration pointing to the function is created in the global scope. Here, then, would be a fairly typical use of setInterval and setTimeout, passing a string as the first parameter: setInterval("logTime()", 1000); setTimeout("logMessage('" + msgValue + "')", 1000); The better choice would Look at the network record for a 404, and at the console for a JS error. jscher2000 Top 10 Contributor 5899 solutions 48488 answers Posted 1/28/16, 7:34 AM Thanks for the update.


    zyonerx You shared a nice and informative post. The headfake here is that, when we did the assignment var whoAmI = obj.whoAmI;, the new variable whoAmI was being defined in the global namespace. JavaScript was never meant to do what it does today, every new feature just makes the language worse and more complicated to use.

    So they give the same answer even though the variables referencing the function were declared in 2 different scopes.James Edward LewisNaN is also falsy, and curiously, the first versions of JavaScript