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I bought a nice brand new laptop off a guy who'd just been laid off and needed rent money… so this helped me!!! March 18, 2008 Chris Thank you so much. Some people are on the Internet often, others only now and then and sometimes for just a few minutes to send an email. Right-click on the My Documents folder on your desktop and choose Properties. 2. Source

it worked for me. Click on the old name and click "properties" 4. In the Settings window, click System. September 21, 2009 Mina Hi, I just put my PC up for sale and thanks I was hoping to wipe it clean before I sold it. http://www.howtogeek.com/245706/how-to-change-the-default-hard-drive-for-saving-documents-and-apps-in-windows-10/

Move My Documents To Another Drive Windows 10

Thanks!!! January 20, 2008 Dean Head I thought it was extremely helpful information! Different networks, different IP addresses.

  1. Go to Volatile Environment and the names should pop up to change.
  2. Very frustrating> I would not recommend buying Vista until its debugged.
  3. Thats it, none of the rest was there.
  4. The store where I had Win 7 installed, spelled my name incorrectly.
  5. trying to change it.

Thank you!! RELATED ARTICLEHow to Move Your Documents, Music, and Other Folders Somewhere Else in Windows Changing your default save location creates a new Users folder structure on the new drive and saves If you're trying to change your IP address primarily because you want to access web-based forums, you may wish to look into using a proxy server. Ccleaner Thanks Again October 1, 2009 Travis Indeed, not useless at all!

July 9, 2011 Becky Thank you so so much for this. Change Default Save Location Windows 7 Type in a new address, then clickSave. To do that, just right-click on the folder and choose Always available offline. https://www.quora.com/If-you-move-to-a-different-location-but-have-the-same-computer-will-your-IP-address-change-For-example-if-I-lived-in-the-USA-but-then-moved-to-Australia-with-the-same-computer-will-my-IP-address-change-Or-will-it-still-show-the-USA-o It's strictly a matter of numbers.

I've been trying to work it out for ages and no-one I asked had any idea how to do it. One Drive Since the computer is slow and has lots of stuff installed he doesn't need, he'd like to format the pc. But it also comes with some caveats.

March 28, 2016 Steve Capps One question and one follow-up: On the screen at Settings | System | Storage , I have found no Still, when I get a stack dump it says that the registered ownr is Microsoft / Microsoft.

Change Default Save Location Windows 7

After reading that comment where Alan was going to sell his laptop to his new girlfriend with his old girlfriend's name removed, I wonder if the former girl friend's name might I normally don't venture into RegEdit unless I feel like quite possibly having to re-do the whole OS. Move My Documents To Another Drive Windows 10 This setting applies to new universal apps that you download from the Microsoft Store. Change Default Save Location Windows 10 Next to the address you want to change, clickEdit.

Cheers ! It will open and type the name you want….. If you have any questions, post a comment. Run .reg file. Steam

July 21, 2011 Alex Thank you! June 11, 2011 required It wasn't useless when I initially set up Win 7 with the machine owner's old account name then changed that account name to Admin and set up October 18, 2009 ray it wont work on my vista it says default value name please help October 24, 2009 YP THANK YOU !!!!!!!! have a peek here To show off the new changes, just type winver.exe into the start menu search box or WIN + R run box to see the About Windows box: Kinda useless, but one

September 25, 2007 boring man It is only for Vista?? 7zip November 14, 2010 DzhaA Thanks so much! I appreciate you showing us goobers how you do this.

I had tried to do this for days and couldn't figure it out.

Then click the checkbox next to Show Libraries. Using it should change your IP address; however, in most cases you'll only be able to do it once. If I make a note in an Excel Spreadsheet, Darth's name is auto-filled. Open up regedit.exe through the start menu search box or by pressing WIN + R to open the Run box and typing it there, and then locate the following registry key:

I did what Matthew suggested too. In Windows XP, all the other folders were inside the My Documents folder. Thank you! Thanks.

This was very helpful to me as I needed it to correct a search indexing problem in Picasa 3. and i tried all to the others. However, I have the same question as Pete …" in the c:\users\oldname (the folder with the lock on it), the "oldname" remains the "oldname".I've tried 60 gazillion ways to change the I can't find it and I don't want this name on any of my documents.

Actually this is a great trick!! How-To Geek Articles l l What's New in Windows 10's Creators Update, Arriving Spring 2017 How to Repair Windows Bootloader Problems (If Your Computer Won't Start) How to Control Which Websites How do I change this??? Within the Admin account that switch left the initial username on the user folder and other places with no obvious clicky way to change it.

and dident really shut off.